SHH (SOLID HOME HOUSING) is a project on 2012 that has successfully developed an industrial housing production system with which more than 8,000 homes have been built. inspired by the automobile production chain, The system consists of building a productive housing plant capable of producing up to 240 completely finished houses of 250 m2 per month.. when the house leaves the production plant, it contains all the finishes, electrical installation, pipes, wiring, sinks, doors, windows, and so on.

SHH can build houses 10 times faster and cheaper than the traditional housing construction system, even in countries where labor is very affordable

The SHH system allows greater production at a lower cost. however, and it ensures quality, time and cost from the start.

Like any industrialized system, the SHH system is highly competitive only if the contract consists of considerable production of housing because the initial investment of the production planet must be assumed, SHH only Studies contracts from Solid Home Buildings Co.

“SHH’s mission is to provide concrete solutions to the Housing needs of a specific region.”

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