Features and spasifications

Baraa Villa

The 120 m2 villa consists of different facilities that serves the family.

AlBara’a Villa is planned in a way that provides privacy for the family. Two main entrances to villa, one for public uses and the other for private, affords easy circulation in between the two sectors. The Outdoor green area surrounding the villa from its three sides creates a view and direct connection between the interior and exterior. Moreover, the villa consists of the 3 bedrooms with a living room centralized in between. The terrace at the third level of the villa consists of an outdoor seating area shaded with wooden louvers that also provides an aesthetical view from the exterior of the whole villa.


2.8 x 2= 5.6 sqm

Guests Room

3.88x4.88= 18.9 sqm


3.9x3.7= 14.4 sqm

Guests Toilet

1.7x2.7= 4.6 sqm

Living Room

4.3x4.88= 21 sqm


4.88x3.98= 19.4 sqm

Toilet 02

2.3x1.7= 3.91sqm

Living Room

3.7x3.85= 14.2 sqm

Master bedroom

4.88x4= 19.5sqm

Toilet 01

1.98x2.7= 5.3 sqm


2x2= 4 sqm

Bedroom 01

3.88x4.88= 18.9sqm

Toilet 02

1.7x2.7= 4.6 sqm

Bedroom 02

3.96x4.88= 19sqm

Toilet 03

1.7x2.2= 3.74 sqm

Living Room

3.7x3.85= 14.2 sqm

Maid’s room

3.96x2.6= 10sqm


1.8x2.2= 3.96 sqm


2.28x2= 5.1 sqm


2.28x1.7= 3.8 sqm


5x12= 60 sqm

  • 2 storey villa + penthouse
  • Outdoor garden
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • Interior & exterior dining
  • Maid’s Room
  • Terrace
  • Car parking